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Is Barack Obama A Global Climate Change, Mixed Energy Use, 21st Century Domestic American Industrial Nit Wit?

India’s new prime minister is big on solar power.

This essay is my response to the above essay authored by John Upton at Grist.

In a nutshell, Mr. Upton,within the framework of his essay, portrays Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the conservative leader of India who has a quite determined agenda for positioning his nation to  become (from both an industrial and economic framework) energy independent by focusing in part, upon the development of a rather large scale nationwide solar electric public utility grid. As this nationwide, municipal focused energy initiative would power homes and empower the people who live  throughout the country of India by building an infrastructure that subsequently results in the creation  of a most remarkable set of both public and private sector, mixed energy use industrial applications, it would as well create an internally dynamic, green economic job creating economy for the nation of India.

Within the framework of that same nutshell, Mr. Upton states that the administration of American President Barack Obama has taken issue with Mr. Modi’s approach to restricting the development and installation as well as long term maintenance of India’s national solar grid to companies owned and operated both by Indian citizens and Indian based industrial manufacturing opposed to US based companies who President Obama claims should be doing the job for India as this president somehow believes that the nation of India cannot quite manage to accomplish the above without the help of the United States.

As John Upton characterizes India’s development of this massive solar project as one that has dynamic and worldwide support from a host of green sector environmental and energy groups many of which are located in the United States, the simple question John Upton and Grist is posing becomes why the Obama Administration is opposed to India’s efforts to become energy self sustainable and why Prime Minister Narendra Modi is quite clearly opposed to American intervention of India’s very private and self protective national energy policy.

Here is my essay.


As the most inherent negative definition or social characteristic of the Obama Administration has been an overarching political and economic arrogance almost constant in the first six years of this particular administration, as in one case or another, Obama’s team members have consistently talked down to not only supposedly uneducated rural Americans and/or supposedly progressive urban Americans, both small and mid sized business owners and a broad host of truly middle of the road and respected leaders in both the House and the Senate across America and across party lines, the primary reason for doing so is in fact that this administration has held sacred the notion that both climate change and global warming would play in the geopolitical favor of those who actually believe climate change and global warming is not only an environmental reality, but equally, an industrial and economic reality that demands “Clear Global Assessment And Scrutiny” that is primarily based upon the profoundly exclusive viewpoint Obama’s very small army of obsessively over educated and quite disingenuous “believers or supporters” would like everyone else in America and the rest of the world to believe in.

As domestically, an overwhelming number of "under educated Americans" from virtually every truly brilliant industrial sector that exists in our nation are questioning more and more Obama’s overall lack of business acumen, whole environmental awareness as well as his ability to actually run a US economy from which everyone actually benefits financially from, globally, the same level of questioning is clearly surfacing.

Unfortunately for our “American Industrial Nation”, this clearly self-aggrandizing Obama based global climate change standoff has in many ways reduced our industrial, political and economic influence worldwide. As it has, and, it will undoubtedly continue to do so, two very clear cases in point that define in particular the global environmental or geopolitical standoff coming from this administration is our dysfunctional dialogue with Russia over eminent domain of oil and natural gas and the subsequent relationship with India over the rights this particular nation has to design, engineer, produce and manage domestic solar energy within the very environmentally unique geographical borders of its’ own nation of India which is of course quite geographically independent of any other nation's specific environmental and mixed energy management and subsequent domestic industrial and economic development policy pertaining to a nations' own and quite very unique geographical, mineral rich and equally dynamic climatic topography.

As it is easy to throw into this equation the rights of northwestern European nations to develop a self sustainable, singular continental based economic dialogue with Russia over the trade of fossil fuels, as it would be easy to frame the solar development taking place in India or the much more substantial and economically sustainable solar development taking place in Germany - all three of which are clearly definable nationalist best practices for the countries that occupy the geographical regions such energy sources reside in - the Obama Administration obsessed, with an, albeit, highly respected and well regarded global perspective on climate change, has again, due to its’ overarching environmentally over educated arrogance, done little if anything to address the dynamic industrial and socio-economic potential of developing our nation’s own mixed energy use policy. Adding to the "all of the above negative global environmental dialogue" is of course, the quite publicized fact that militarily, the Obama Administration, particularly in the Middle East,
has seemingly failed, across the board to define a cohesive global military strategy as such a strategy would and could and should define America’s broader role in global mixed energy use security.


Having stated all of the above, one might think that for one reason or another I happen to believe that this American President of ours is a “Global Climate Change, Mixed Energy Use, 21st Century Domestic American Industrial Nit Wit”.

If you choose to believe this, and, you might very well be right in such beliefs, let me seriously suggest that if you have never lived in a forward thinking, progressively engineered 21st century American house designed to take full organic, industrial and economic advantage of the sun, prevailing wind currents, geothermal energy fields found beneath this house, natural gas pipelines fueling the fossil fuel based heat and transportation based energy needs of this house, fresh water supply lines nourishing this house, ground and rainwater systems positively nourishing the land surrounding this house, public electric utilities that are comprised of a remarkable mix of energy sources combined to electrically light and power this house, and, the overarching fact that a relatively small amount of visionary American architectural designers, mixed energy sector engineers and master American tradespeople have for the past forty years, been working with their visionary counterparts in nations worldwide to simply and quietly re-engineer our global industrial marketplace to address - in quite the comprehensive manner - the fact that Global Warming is an absolutely valid standard from which all future industrial growth is indeed and finally at the threshold of remarkable “Global Corporate Profit Potential”, then perhaps it is time for you to ask President Obama and his team if in fact they themselves have any real knowledge of anything even remotely related to actually building a business of any size whatsoever not to mention building a business geared to addressing the needs of an American industrial nation entering into its fourth historical and clearly most dynamic industrial renaissance of advanced raw material processed into once again highly refined finished material re-engineered once again for the continued and ongoing redevelopment and continued economic growth of highly advanced, domestic American industrial and service sector business models.

Unfortunately for our American Nation, due to the fact that the whole concept of "industrial energy interaction" from a global economic standpoint is still primarily bench-marked from within the framework of "Heroic Global American Intervention", both Russia and India and many Middle Eastern and Northern European Nations, African Nations, South American Nations, and, of course, the emerging nations found on both the planets Mars and Jupiter who are all essentially developing their own 21st century domestic energy industrial models while also saying bye bye to Barack Obama (the hopelessly mismanaged American Housing Finance Bubble)  in every bit the same manner as they have closed off their relationships with the George Bushes (the hopelessly mismanaged Middle East Oil Bubble)  and the Clinton's (the hopelessly naive perception of and therefore equally mismanaged Global Dot Com Information Exchange Bubble), these nations are doing so because they are actively and much more comprehensively looking at the blueprinting of their own individual 21st century industrial economies much more closely than the United States of America is actually and quite realistically looking at its’ own.

While Russia may not have the advanced public utility infrastructure of the United States, or, India may not have the advanced transportation infrastructure of the United States, or perhaps the nations that make up the environmentally rich geographic regions of South America and Africa might not have the advanced agricultural infrastructure of the United States, what all of these countries do have is a remarkable collection of extraordinarily well educated human beings who know how to build energy efficient, regionally based community architecture and the subsequent, highly task specifice industrial infrastructure required to financially sustain these communities well into their own 21st century and truly nationalistic oriented economic futures by specifically and articulately redeveloping their collective capacity to restructure their nation's collective yet independent body of organic based natural resources as such resources are mined, harvested and nationalistically invested.

The above statements, are of course, only one side of our American global dilemma, and,
unfortunately, what these statements represent are the substantially smaller minded side of our greater American industrial/political dilemma.

The larger is below.

Whereas many nations are not as industrially advanced as our supposedly good old US of A, the fact that every aspect of our own domestic national infrastructure has been left to deteriorate in our global quest for world military, corporate and banking dominance belies the fact that as a nation today, America is every bit the third world country it seeks to continuously control and develop worldwide. As this is clearly the case in our American 2014 and anything or everything even remotely related to what we in America have had in the past in terms of national infrastructure is now most assuredly in the need of redefining, re-engineering and recapitalizing in our immediate domestic American 21st century economy, and, in fact, because we have entirely neglected our own infrastructure for so long, the larger fact of the matter is that we are in reality a fourth world country due exclusively to running such enormous public power utility, transportation and basic municipal infrastructural industrial deficits for so many global economic as well as domestically counterproductive industrial decades.

Having said the above, what comes to my mind as an American Architectural Designer and Master Carpenter is the notion of constructively self oriented and self disciplined blueprinting of our whole mixed energy based industrial infrastructure, which has historically been, is and must always be clearly market driven, and, is now more than ever within the entire developmental industrial history of our nation, monumentally more sacrosanct to any future hopes of our continued role in world mixed energy use industrial trade than in any time of our entire national industrial history.

As Obama has quite assuredly spent far too much time globetrotting on the notion of the “chic global dialogue of quasi cosmopolitan climate change” and, in fact the United States Of America has little economically to show for it, we can thank the president for making the leaders of nations that may or may not be our allies become stronger as a result of their own unique perspectives on the management of their own domestic mixed energy sources due largely to the fact that his arrogance and lack of management of our own domestic climate policy has led to their rejection of hopelessly redundant American foreign policy drafted not singularly by President Obama but universally by every US Senatorial and Congressional member in the past six years who have all but forgotten the greater definition or the greater potential of our constantly evolving and otherwise historically well disciplined and highly concentrated or constituted American Industrial Dream focus.

Think about this folks.

Think about the fact that America has coal which needs a clearly major industrial restructuring and economic infusion of some eighteen to thirty billion dollars before it can be assessed as a truly clean, highly efficient and highly engaging 21st century energy source fully capable of progressive mixed energy industrial co-mingling. Think about as well that solar energy can in and of itself provide that financial infusion for the coal industry without creating an absolutely useless sense of social and economic warfare between the architects of these two, clearly dynamic and unnecessarily opposing American energy entities.

Think about the fact that America has oil "in reserve only" that constitutes in all basic economic reality, nothing more than a reserve “in the case of national defense emergency” and which should for all practical, strategic and economic argument remain as a highly disciplined national benchmark from which we as a nation measure our collective mixed energy framework.

Think about the fact that America has natural gas more now than ever and the technologies being utilized to harvest this gas are not quite perfectly developed due primarily to poorly structured national energy legislation. As within the framework of well structured energy policy natural gas is today in 2014 a wholly malleable transitory energy resource fully capable (from a quite dynamically authored legislative framework) to act as an economic bridge adjoining highly articulated solar, wind and geothermal energy technologies to the residential, commercial and and industrial building sectors, think about as well that the whole framework of our” national natural gas bridge modeling” also fuels the growth of transportation fueling as such fueling is equally specific to the powering of vehicles that move in and out of our micro residential, commercial and neighborhood based areas of community commerce .  

Think about the fact that America has a quite dynamic range of emerging bio fuels at its' disposal, all of which offset emerging natural gas technology on a transportational level as well as on a rather limited but dynamic community by community public green space energy provided level ( harnessed energy from city parks and green space and regional organic produce farms).

Think about the fact that America has geothermal energy capable of being harvested and managed on literally an acre by acre utility framework within a vast array of our nation’s geographical locations.

Think about the fact that America has hydroelectric energy quite capable of being harvested and managed on a slightly more expansive collection of acreage but none the less task specific to the geographical head waters, rivers, streams and tributaries comprising our industrial capacity to produce micro-hydroelectric power facilities.    

Think about the fact that America has wind energy that is quite specifically engineered for active electric generation via massive regional, horizontally engineered wind farms while in the same breath equally capable of being harnessed by both horizontal and vertical wind turbine micro-electrical generation technologies ideally suited for both urban and rural community environments nationwide.

Think about the fact that America has solar energy which has virtually the same electrical generation capabilities of wind as it has as well enormous passive heat gain and retention properties if indeed this energy source was fully developed region by specific region on one industrial level or another as that technology again pertains to the overall across the board energy management criteria needed to be adopted by progressive building code enforcement  locality by locality on an altogether more micro-managed industrial level .

Think about the fact that America has nuclear energy whose origins actually come in part from the molecular reconstitution of the atomic particulates found in coal. DUH! Should we go there again? Do we have to? It’s probably a good “micro-industrial idea” when in fact we finally start colonizing Mars and Jupiter.

Think about the fact that America has every form of energy that every other nation in the world has, but, as a nation, we have not one political leader who has even the remotest clue as to what on earth to do with all of it, or, more specifically, regulate our whole nationwide kit and caboodle of mixed energy sources so that every political leader can actually get behind the total authorship of our next American 21st century energy imperative.

As clear and tangible and clearly non political energy solutions abound, America refuses to adopt progressive, regionally based and locally executed municipal management of highly advanced national building codes which are clearly the universal socio-economic regulatory guarantors of our 21st century nationwide mixed energy policy adoption criteria. In the same breath, the progressive expansion of NAICS (domestic based as opposed to foreign based) industrial code definitions and classifications, the progressive remodelling of corporate manufacturing, service and retail sector tax codes, the progressive reframing of American residential, commercial and industrial property valuation and taxation, the equally progressive remodelling of mortgage instruments and the subsequent national remodeling of global investment banking best practices as those practices protect truly dynamic and creatively divergent American based corporate mixed energy use development both here and abroad are all issues framed universally and collectively in a rather eloquent manner simply benefit all of us.

Think about that within the relatively simple step by step structural blueprinting mentioned above there is the enormous urgency to industrially reframe our vast collection of all but economically static public electric utility providers enabling these providers to become highly specialized micro electric utility providers that indeed produce micro managed electrical generation and electrical cogeneration based upon on a highly refined set of individual, neighborhood by neighborhood criteria as that specific neighborhood has very specialized geographical data relating exclusively to wind and solar as well as natural gas and geothermal energy use and production capable of being utilized within the framework of true community based  micro-electric utility cogeneration that in fact offsets the cost of micro-regional power generation which in turn offsets the economic burden of national or broader multi-region electric utility fossil fuel powered providers.

Yes, as the above paragraph is made up of one very long and seemingly complex sentence for a reason, that reason is for the most part benchmarked by two equally disturbing and hopelessly inconsequential facts. America remains disturbingly divided socially due primarily to the first fact that within the past forty years that we were supposed to have been building a continuously evolving financial framework benchmarked on the natural evolutionary integration of energy management technologies that should have kept our domestic industrial infrastructure up to date, one segment of our society has more or less continued to surmise that all America has to do is to continue to globally barge in to foreign nations with an all but archaic fossil fuel based militaristic intervention strategy while the second fact is the argument coming from the other side has all but been obsessed over the concept of the preaching an equally bizarre lesson from a very insanely drafted American global warming bible, is it any wonder at all that while significant geographical portions of our world are made up of nations clearly moving forward both industrially and environmentally on their own that the world is simply ignoring the United States Of America?

Think about the fact that the Army Corp of Engineers together with a remarkably historic American corporation by the name of Caterpillar Inc. could, just by themselves easily employ tens of thousands of American veterans nationwide simply by re-engineering and rebuilding our nation’s small and mid level waterway edges, waterway spillways, waterway micro-dams and levees, waterway shipping terminals, waterway refueling ports, waterway dredging best practices, waterway recreational and tourism management best practices and the subsequent funding of all waterway management criteria if in fact that waterway management criteria was fully integrated (and not at all supplementally funded) by a broad spectrum of land based mixed energy use “progressive fueling criteria”.

If in fact regional, mixed energy architectural, building based construction codes were adopted throughout our US of A and within the framework of such codes towns bordering rivers had the supplemental responsibility of building energy efficient water transportational based building codes that associated these communities specifically with either any form of energy production originating from either a hydro-electric micro station electrical generation located along a river, any form of farm grown biofuels by product and any form of fossil fuels being transported on a vast and substantial American river shipping network that has any economic relationship whatsoever with the whole production and distribution of energy production based raw material associated with any town adjacent to a river or any town whose economic income is directly associated with the transportation of agricultural or industrial product dependant upon that river traffic and whose whole life cycle is for the specific production of domestic energy production, needless to say, the adoption of progressive mixed energy based building codes is again crucial to our national capacity to properly fund a quite substantial portion of our overall national waterway improvement policy.

Within this same domestic geographical waterway upgrade and continued mixed energy maintenance framework comes the greater American industrial framework of reinvesting federal, state and private sector corporate manufacturing and private sector investment banking vehicles into communities that are located in the flood prone areas that surround many of America’s small rural communities, slightly larger suburban communities and an equal amount of larger urban neighborhoods located in large cities throughout our America that abut our historic American Rivers that are collectively in a serious state of environmental and landscape architectural decline meaning that not only are our waterways industrially and environmentally dysfunctional but they are as well “architecturally butt ugly” to look at.

Having said the above, if in fact either the Army Corp of Engineers and/or Caterpillar Inc. actually came back, or, more specifically, were allowed to come back to an America finally devoid of the social babble that after almost forty years has become the singularly regressive environmental argument that has become quite unfortunately, the entirely negative  hallmark of the Environmental Protection Agency pitting itself against American Industry at the expense of America itself?

Think about this folks.

In turn, think about the fact that AL Qaeda is infiltrating the small towns of Syria and many other small towns of middle eastern countries that might briefly have had the Army Corp of Engineers or the US Army, Marines and Navy and Caterpillar Inc. to help them in development of their national economies but due to increasingly unstable global geopolitical economic uncertainty which is indeed quite rural in scope and quite incapable of being managed by virtually any form of either corporate or foreign nation based military intervention, that global economic help model is vanishing due exclusively to the inability of traditional advanced industrial allied nations operating within the global umbrella of N.A.T.O. to finance the obvious and constructive defensive economic framework that would otherwise be available if in fact the US and its’ Allies honestly developed its’ own and their own whole 21st century domestic mixed energy based industrial micro framework first?

In closing this essay, the question I ask is quite simple.

How can a nation like the United States possibly go into the rural areas of these rogue nations and intervene either economically, environmentally or militarily when as nation it hasn’t gone into and refinanced and rebuilt its own rural communities at all for the past forty years?

In the greater terms of our whole American Global Defense Apparatus, and to put this essay into perspective, the question is “What came first, the progressive domestic American energy powered chicken, the military American egg, or, within a far less humorous and demonstrably more succinct analysis of serious national economic defense policy decline, our constantly evolving whole American national industrial defense oriented mindset that once virtually guaranteed the continued global breeding of a certain American based, Bald Industrial Eagle?”

From a personal standpoint;

I was born on July 5, 1954 in Hometown, Illinois. Hometown was designed by an urban planner by the name of William F. Marrion. Mr. Marrion designed Hometown for returning World War II veterans who had two things on their mind.

The first thing they had on their minds was turning the machinery they operated in war into the machinery operated in peace. Caterpillar Inc. was there. Whereas many children of my era had recollections of baseball, I have recollections of heavy equipment operation all of which was used to build the community I was born in back then and have had the great pleasure of operating on several levels since then. As the domestic infrastructure our America is dealing with rebuilding today is indeed the infrastructure my father and his friends built in the 1950s for peaceful purposes in our America back then, the framework of their ambition was national defense and economic prosperity -”at all costs”.

As we are as a nation today dealing with the very same “at all costs” industrial defense framework, it is in my view quite imperative that we frame a clearly defined, nation based, legislative and financial agenda that enables us as clearly global oriented Americans to bring our multi-national manufacturing corporations strategically and momentarily back home for the very specifically stated task of using quite constructively, our domestic American industrial micrometers now outfitted with a now much more conscious environmental awareness to not only calmly and intuitively and rationally revisit, reframe and rebuild the entirely obsolete infrastructure of my fathers’ quite dynamic industrial age, but, to as well, recalculate and further clarify our global industrial expansion capabilities for at the very least, the next seventy five years of our American modeled and authored 21st century industrial growth and expansion policies.  

Notice how I used the words “clearly” and “now” twice in the last paragraph.

Clearly now there must be a reason for this.

As there is, let me suggest that a fundamentally simple re-analysis and reengineering of, or perhaps the full and proper execution of the whole Dodd-Frank Act is indeed quite necessary in order to fully realize our maximum American domestic economic potential. As this act, which is clearly the most structurally sound piece of legislation coming out of our whole American legislative historical  framework in several years (if not decades) and from which a unified domestic monetary policy will finally both emerge and blossom from within a unified Washington DC that has unfortunately had to focus our monetary policy abroad for all of the past years of which both former President George Bush and current President Barack Obama as well as several honorable presidents before them have had to deal with.

As the first half of Dodd-Frank was to strengthen and protect US based international banking and international corporate manufacturing concerns, the second half was to supposedly establish a guaranteed community based commercial business lending sector as well as a private sector residential mortgage lending or guarantor agreement framework benchmarked by community by community regionally based lending to private sector industrial manufacturing firms that were and are large and international in scope, small and local in scope and regional and midsized in scope. Adding further to the legitimacy of this act is in turn my own specific economic model that if used within the structural context of Dodd_Frank, public utility providers charged with utilizing the technologies such industrial manufacturing firms produce to focus exclusively on the development of national power and transportation grid redevelopment resources that are in turn tied to the dynamic three tier structure of residential, commercial and industrial reconstruction of our nations’ broad spectrum building stock of obsolete architectural dwellings (that are clearly and demonstrably energy, industrially and economically redundant) should now be quite understandable and executable from within the international banking sector initially protected by Dodd-Frank, the broader mixed energy development and investment banking sector as it has evolved in the past four years and an equally dynamic municipal bond guarantor mechanism tied to the economic development of all the above.

As I have stated in this essay and several others I have authored that strategic and momentary revisitation of national industrial expansion is indeed crucial to our national economic self interest, the second half economic delivery of Dodd-Frank specifically to the regional banking sector charged with the supplemental funding of privately owned manufacturers of emerging technologies in the public utility and transportation sectors which are in turn, wholly separate from federally regulated nationally or regionally based public power and transportation utilities,  partially validates that second half - whereas the funding of private sector construction companies directly associated with the installation of such utilities in either a residential, commercial or industrial setting simply expand not only the labor force associated with such construction, but the broader private and public sector educational framework needed to train workers in these advanced American energy and engineering based community focussed construction sectors that remain at the economic core of the whole and uninterrupted successful adoption of the full Dodd-Frank Act as I understand the larger potential framework of Dodd-Frank to actually be.

Having stated all of the above, one might think that for one reason or another I happen to believe that this American President Obama of ours is a “Global Climate Change, Mixed Energy Use, 21st Century Domestic American Industrial Nit Wit”.

In response, let me simply suggest that a much larger question must be addressed prior to coming to a conclusion as to whether or not the term “Nit Wit” can possibly apply to anyone at all.

This question is as follows:

What Constitutes A Nations’ Definition Of Either War Or Warfare?

Currently, America is faced with a rather perplexing dilemma.

As this dilemma is framed by a rather significant rise in value of stock portfolios, it is as well framed by a rather significant level of uncertainty as to how such portfolios are either directed towards the reconstruction of our domestic American manufacturing base (or our much broader international manufacturing base) both of which are unequivocally tied to a most comprehensive re-blueprinting of our national capacity to redefine the use of our natural resources.

Whereas the definition of these resources most assuredly is anchored to the stuff that comes out of the ground in the form of organic minerals, the same definition applies to the collective wherewithal of a nation to apply a rather sizable human effort to in fact get the stuff out of the ground in the first place.

As every leader in any nation worldwide has a quite remarkable grasp on the need to hold onto and prosper from his or hers’ own domestic and geographical mineral wealth, the concept of War, which is a rather basic understanding of a nations’ determined effort to protect its’ own natural resources or its’ own specific social and economic management of those resources that are ultimately designed to assure that nations’ wealth, are in fact, the right of the nation doing such protection to fulfill and protect for its’ citizens the broader framework of its’ own very basic and clearly domestic economic sovereignty.

In the case of our American President Barack Obama, this man has, due to his extremely narcissistic social mannerisms, managed to convey to the world the notion that he somehow quite blissfully understands the greater social philosophy, and, of course the greater spiritual philosophy of self sustainable nationalistic mineral rights sovereignty as those rights pertain to nations that he essentially knows virtually nothing at all about. As all of this, is, in his mind good, proper and of course quite pertinent, the fragile social framework that has resulted globally from his blatant global warming narcissism has, instead of creating an otherwise remarkably brilliant and organically green global based and holistic mixed energy use industrial imperative here in our own nation is unfortunately benchmarked by the fact that the guy is absolutely brain dead when it comes to the understanding of either how to use a sixteen ounce carpenters hammer to build something constructive here in our America, neighborhood by neighborhood, or, how to use the latest weaponry essentially built by that same sixteen ounce carpenters’ hammer and manufactured by our nations’ leading defense contractors and designed to assure that the progressive and inordinately simple industrial sixteen ounce American carpenters’ framing hammer is held in perpetuity as a true measure of our own national perspective on how we continue as a nation to participate in the development of universal global industrial law.

As the potential of working within the strict constraints of that universal law and equally within the greater possibilities of our nationwide legislative capacity that should continue to assure the constant evolution of our industrial American whole global economic mechanism, Obama has consistently failed to listen to several hundred of our nations’ otherwise brilliant legislators. As he has, and, continues to do so, he has become not the author of a domestic mixed energy use industrial and economic reinvestment strategy, but, the hopelessly inept architect of global, industrial based confusion that unfortunately today leads to and has historically led to war.

If all the President of The United States is doing is to constantly present a set of values to the world that his own nation refuses to accept, needless to say, his nation is diminished significantly as a result. As virtually everything needed to be done in our America is based upon an overwhelming need to redefine our industrial and economic relationship with our own mineral resources, because of his wholly undereducated knowledge of the naturally brilliant evolution of American industry, Obama is not only creating war abroad, but, war here at home as well.

A very clear case in point here is the socio-economic and wholly counterproductive industrial and economic reality that exists here in my town of Utica, Illinois.

Within less than a football field away from my home live four unique men.

One of these men was once employed as an engineer charged with managing the industrial functions of a dam located upstream from Utica on the Fox River. Another, was a millwright charged with blueprinting parts for the heavy equipment industry. Yet another was a heavy equipment operator charged with building and rebuilding our American network of bridges that span our nation’s waterways. Finally, the fourth was a Chicago based residential building contractor.

As each of these men possess significant levels of advanced industrial knowledge, none of them are working in the fields of their historical American industrial dreams. With any form of progressive and forward thinking industrial work being piecemeal at best in Utica, Illinois, each of these men have turned their attention to some rather insane ideological thoughts all of which are benchmarked on the notion that they and their brethren should prepare for war with the US Federal Government. As a forward thinking, green based architectural designer and master carpenter, I myself don’t on one hand, have a problem finding work. On the other hand, each of the four men I described above will not hire me due exclusively to the fact that although I possess a certain amount of advanced knowledge of such technologies as solar and wind energy residential applications, they simply cannot afford to hire me.

Having said the above, the level of truly perplexing and virtually unnecessary insanity these four guys are turning to is to forego any form of improvements on their own homes and are instead purchasing guns and making ammunition. As I am all but certain that because I wrote the above sentence the Department Of Homeland Security is going to be on me like bees on honey, the fact of the matter is that the mixed energy industrial development potential of Utica, Illinois is being entirely overlooked by a federal legislative framework that has pitted the hopelessly redundant regulatory authority of the Environmental Protection Agency against the people who used to work for the American Industries the EPA has forced out of America. As bees, oddly enough, are perhaps the original architects of the geodesic honeycomb structure of the hive, as the collective good of the bee colony is essentially the emotional force that drives the worker bees to construct the hive and produce the honey, the fact that so many American workers remain industrially and economically disenfranchised might just suggest the need to redefine our relationship quite substantially with the honeycomb structure.  

As each of the men mentioned above have a certain amount of respect for my knowledge of applied alternative energy technologies that can potentially be installed on their homes, due to a monumentally redundant federal energy policy, which of course, if not redundant would clearly recognize that on the north side of Utica, Illinois resides a geographical bluff that runs a distance of approximately one mile and could easily house a rather significant array of solar electric panels while on top of that bluff could just as easily have wind turbines, while, south of that bluff runs the Illinois River capable of generating hydroelectric power? While in the central core of Utica resides a fracking sand mining operation as well as a major grain silo filled with soybeans and corn all of which when combined produce a remarkably dynamic community based portrait of mixed energy domestic American economic development?   

War then is what President Barack Obama is sadly and mistakenly, but, ultimately creating both nationally and internationally with his hopelessly obsessive insistence on perfecting a sociologically perverse master plan for climate change worldwide without even for a moment allowing the industries America owns from actually doing what American industries are supposed to be doing devoid of his army of nit wit federally funded environmental scientists and hopelessly arcane legal theorists?
When one really thinks about the fact that all that really needs to be accomplished here in our United States of America is the whole and substantially discipled re-blueprinting of our nations’ building codes……………………a broad spectrum list of industries…………built by or rebuilt by……. utilizing a simple sixteen ounce carpenters’ hammer……………….for the singular purpose of allowing virtually every American industrial sector…………………………….to come on line simultaneously………….together………….in industrial and economic unison ………………
so that we as American citizens can continue …...…to freely wander about the world we helped create……………..??????????????…………….      

…………………………...Thanks for stopping by.

Mike Patrick Dahlke
Utica, Illinois


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