Monday, March 9, 2009

Geodesic Domes


As virtually everyone in America agrees that virtually everything in America must change, there can be no Sacred Cows, there can be nothing whatsoever that is allowed to escape the inevitable responsibility of change.

As the healthcare industry must change, so too must the radiologist and the heart surgeon. As fitness guru’s must change so to do the architects who design the fitness centers guru’s congregate in. As the auto industry must change, the engineers who design our vehicles must as well. As the unionized autoworker must change so to does the manufacturing process the autoworker functions within change. As our public education system must change so of course do the teachers and administrators within that system adapt to that change. As the truck driver must change, so to does the designer of the container that sits on the chassis of that truck. As the farmer must change, so to does the grocery store owner. As the psychotherapist must change, so to does the patient.

With so much change occurring, with so much anticipation of change in our hearts and minds, there is as well a remarkable sense that although no Sacred Cows should be allowed to escape the responsibility of change, all of us are seeking the comfort that Sacred Cow implies. As the our country’s political system has always been the collective anchor of our greater national momentum, as our collective body of separate but equal religions have always resided as the core of our greater human compassion and understanding, these two Sacred Cows along with the Sacred Cow of the industrial mechanism that has assured both the longevity of our political system as well as the sanctity of our collective freedom to worship within the faith we believe is right for ourselves and our families, is of course undergoing the same all encompassing exercise associated with change.

With virtually nothing left for us as Americans to traditionally seek some sort of collective comfort in, with virtually no sense of collective belonging to our traditional national goals staring us directly in the face, it seems to be somewhat important that we do in spite of confusion, find some sort of a collective cow even if it is non traditional, to worship.

Having said this, a particular thought comes to mind. What about soccer moms? What if in spite of all of our beleaguered forays into embracing and understanding change the white vinyl soccer ball orb that has over the course of the past twenty years here in our America been adhered to the back windows of our nations remarkable fleet of family minivans was to become the new Sacred Cow symbol for America? What if, in spite of all of our attempts at getting a handle on the concept of change, that white vinyl orb was indeed the guiding symbolic force behind that change? Realizing that such a thought could in the minds of all who are seeking change be absolutely absurd in content, let’s delve into this concept anyway.

First of all, soccer has in so many communities across America come to be viewed as a much more progressive interpretation of physical interaction for our children than the more traditional American sports of baseball, football, basketball and hockey. Within the context of that more progressive interpretation, a remarkably large army of forward thinking woman have emerged and in the process of doing so pilot minivans that are filled with children who while being driven to soccer fields are engaging in conversations that for the most part are devoid of the worries of their beleaguered parents. Not that they don’t sense the frustration their parents are dealing with, these kids because they are being driven to a soccer field as opposed to being driven to a baseball or football field, simply have a different slant on life and due to the fact that their pilots are predominantly mothers, the emerging American soccer mom culture has within the constraints of everything in America that has become so ordinary, quietly produced something quite out of the ordinary.

Removed from the constraints of traditional overly competitive American sports dialogue, these kids instead of looking at futures laced with dreams of multi million dollar Hall of Fame contracts are instead focusing on the orb. In its distinctively unique physical presence, the soccer ball presents a distinctively unique and alternative point of view to American engineering. Whereas the football cannot in any manner whatsoever be viewed as the key ingredient to the game of football without also looking at the arsenal of equipment engineered to protect the multi million dollar football player from being torpedoed by an army of other multi million dollar football players that are equally well equipped, the soccer ball speaks an entirely different language.

A language designed to enable a child to use his or her body much more in the manner of a ballet dancer, the soccer ball and the game of soccer does within the more evolved philosophy of the sport, fly in the face of America’s football Sacred Cow(or pig) logic. While the football does indeed resemble a torpedo and the baseball does indeed resemble a hand grenade, the soccer ball resembles a geodesic dome. Whereas as the high speed sports car gets the football player to the stadium, the minivan with the white vinyl orb gets the soccer mom to the soccer field, the school and the grocery store.

When one really thinks about this whole scenario and one as well thinks about the notion that everyone in America realizes that everything is really changing, the rational conclusion that any rational American must come to is that soccer moms and only soccer moms are responsible for shaping the direction of this change. The growth of America’s industrial future hinges upon their insight. The redefinition of America’s healthcare model depends upon their stubbornness. The chassis upon which little soccer players roll along in can only be engineered by mothers who patiently listen to emerging geodesic dome architects as the culture of healthy eating can only emerge from grocery bags filled with yogurt and organic poultry products commingling with bouncing geodesic orbs and emerging ballet dancers that reside with those groceries in the backs of minivans.

Within the culture of change our America is poised to embrace, the belief that change will come much sooner than later resides in the potential America’s soccer moms have to solarize as opposed to polarize their children. Whereas torpedoes and hand grenades have left our America with a lasting legacy personified in many ways by footballs and baseballs, they have done so because all along we as a nation knew we had the potential to design geodesic domes.

The Blue Collar Industrialist

M. Patrick Dahlke

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