Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good and Evil


What do Jerry Springer, Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh have in common?

Although each of these socially redundant human gadgets operate from somewhere within the bodies of middle aged American men, none of the three have ever evolved their emotional or intellectual make up beyond the age of their own, clearly suppressed adolescence. Fully involved with their points of view, none of them have, over the course of their entire adult lives produced anything that could even remotely be considered as a truly professional or socially enlightened contribution to the future growth of the United States of America.

Locked within their collective belief that somehow, somewhere someone in America actually needs their particular form of adolescent insight in order to attain a certain sense of personal validation, these guys are actually paid by other men who own media empires for the singular purpose of fostering the ongoing belief that in America, if we only focused on the cleavage of jiggling girls(Howard Stern), the arenas of domestic fist fights(Jerry Springer) and the fear of pursuing intelligent political discourse(Rush Limbaugh), we as Americans would be light years ahead of ourselves and of course, more than capable of forever existing within the adolescent frame of mind their imaginary socio-economic empires actually exist in.

Given the fact that over the course of the last fifteen years, focusing on jiggling cleavage, domestic fist fights and highly opinionated but none the less empty political diatribe has done virtually nothing other than assure sameness, one has to wonder just exactly why those who claim ownership of media empires find such comfort in producing television and radio programs comprised of pure human trash.

At a point in time when our nation is nervously anticipating the birth of a remarkably resilient new industrial momentum, my thoughts of these three particularly redundant human gadgets is entirely at odds with my understanding of the service and function of three other men who during similar times of such industrial transformation, chose to chronicle the human aspects of America’s plight for rediscovery in a decidedly more robust and healthy manner.

As I don’t believe Edward R. Murrow, Studs Terkel or Paul Harvey ever for a moment chose to seek out personal satisfaction in such shallow terms as Springer, Stern and Limbaugh, I don’t as well see how the media empires who employed the iconic global personalities of Murrow, Terkel and Harvey have somehow managed to retard themselves and in the process reduce America’s collective intellect to such poor standards of quasi-journalistic narrative.

Just the other day, Rush Limbaugh, the chubby adolescent punk of ultra right wing conservative and ultra childlike thought found himself being characterized as the official voice of the Republican Party. Within that characterization, little Russ was able to conclude that at any point in time, the President of the United States of America would be more than welcome on his show. As I have over the years listened and watched Mr. Limbaugh anointing himself as the patriarch of rich and salivating adolescent insight into the plight of America’s never evolving teenage population, I can’t help but wonder why this oversized bully was not confronted on a playground many years ago by a skinny kid with clearly defined adult social tendencies.

Now that the skinny kid has become the President of the United States however, I’m inclined to believe that much sooner than later, Mr. Limbaugh will find the guidance of a fully evolved Jungian psychoanalyst much more beneficial to his personal and professional growth than a half trained Freudian sex analyst.

As the icons of America’s remarkably wealthy journalistic history have relegated their personal issues to what is discussed in the privacy of their own homes, within the context of that highly prized and unfortunately lost art of self discipline, Murrow, Terkel and Harvey found within the remarkable love they had for their country, the audacity to say in their own remarkably adult and remarkably human admonition of their own equally remarkable understanding of their limitations as men, Good day!

The Blue Collar Industrialist

M. Patrick Dahlke

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