Monday, March 30, 2009

The Rape Of American Children


Well here we all are. Some thirty or forty years after our nation took its first collective hit on the bong of enlightened Mexican marihuana fretting once again over the fact that drug running ancestors of Cheech and Chong are now armed to the hilt and posing massive security threats to the southern borders of our nation. As drug trafficking has clearly become an essay on our nation’s overall failure to produce the green economy a good percentage of us envisioned while smoking pot back in the sixties and seventies, it has as well become an essay on our nation’s failure to address the social issues that would have never existed if indeed we had embraced solar energy forty years ago.

Within the nature of that essay, our solution to fighting drug trafficking here in 2009 is to provide helicopters to Mexico while at the same time building border fences designed to hopefully keep illegal drug smuggling Mexican immigrants from finding jobs here in America. Meanwhile the people in America who need those jobs aren’t getting them because they are too high on the drugs produced in Mexico that are flown by helicopter to Chicago by drug runners disguised as Mexican government officials who meet with American officials disguised as concerned patriots whose children unfortunately don’t talk to them because their fathers who own the companies that are supposed to be creating jobs (via NAFTA) for both unemployed Americans and Mexicans are themselves unemployed and getting high on the drugs that fly freely over border fences with the aid of multi-million dollar pale green helicopters.

When you really think about this, a number of questions appear to be staring our nation directly in its overall failed socio-economic face. Why do we think that deploying pale green helicopters to Mexico will somehow offset the expense of building a 21st century Berlin wall between the U.S. and Mexico? Why do we think that guarding such a wall with thousands of national guard troops will offset the fact that if those troops were not employed by the U.S. military, they would be unemployed and relying on the sale of illegal drugs to pay for their children’s food? Why do we think that although illegal drug manufacturers employ state of the art greenhouse technologies to grow their product, we in America cannot use those same technologies to grow the organic food crops we as a nation require to eat healthy?

If we were to produce those greenhouses, would we not also employ an entire new generation of non drug addicted inner city and rural American entrepreneurs? If in the process of doing so, would we not as well entirely curb the flow of illegal drugs due to the fact that potential new age American industrialist were simply no longer bored and frustrated with working for minimum wage in barely challenging and wholly dysfunctional jobs created by the failed economic consciousness of empty and useless international trade agreements?
What indeed would happen to our America if our so called efforts in drug interdiction, and, our so called efforts in drug education were entirely scrapped? What would happen if the hundreds of thousands of American children who are desperately wanting to belong to a progressive American work ethic, were actually invited to do so?

What would happen is that an army of dysfunctional community activists who have for the past forty years been funded by manufacturers of helicopters and very tall high security border fences would be unemployed. With no purpose left to their quasi-professional life, social workers would by the thousands, be forced out onto the very streets they have left our brilliant American children abandoned upon. Without the status of being considered as anti-drug or anti domestic violence advocates, no doubt the vast majority of them would find themselves wandering the U.S./Mexican border wearing only faded NAFTA t-shirts hoping within their obscurity that they themselves are not discovered as being illegal aliens.

The same is true of American law enforcement. As the primary source of funding for local police agencies is through revenues generated from arresting an unemployed young American work force, these overly self involved protectors of a perverse American system of justice, cruise the streets of our nation’s communities armed with state of the art human identification technologies that within a nano-second, more or less provide them with a psychological profile of a juvenile defendant who if that defendant was actually employed would put the public servant who drives around in forty thousand dollar police cars on the same border with the same t-shirt and the same illegal alien status as the social worker, states attorney’s and judge’s who have graduated from the same school of dysfunctional American justice.

The saddest part of our America today here in 2009 is the potential for economic growth going entirely by the wayside by those who have taken it upon themselves to punish those who have become unwitting victims of that lost potential. In a mindset that prohibits personal imagination to flourish, in a mindset that allows our nation to still insist that we as nation must be the enforcers of freedom worldwide, there is not a nation in the world who does not view the treatment of our own citizens as a gross domestic moral injustice. In a nation whose prison population is larger than that of every nation in the free world, it is a shame that the reason for that population is in fact the same as the reason for our national economic decline.

As inventiveness has always been the hallmark of our nation’s overall industrial growth, the freedom to be inventive has as well. Having spent almost a half century refusing to embrace solar technology, refusing to embrace the possibility that we might be capable of creating a host of new industries that reflect above all else the overwhelming need we have to keep our children educated and productive, to suggest that we now must once again devote our human and financial resources to solve a violent drug problem before we solve an equally violent unemployment problem? One has to ask when, when will inventiveness once again be rewarded with tangible signs of true and wholesome nonviolent industrial productivity?

The Blue Collar Industrialist

M. Patrick Dahlke

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