Monday, March 2, 2009

Who Decides Our Nation's Future?


At some point in time it seems it would become rather apparent that in spite of the fact that America is made up of two political parties, both of them are actually made up of Americans who in all likelihood actually do possess not similar but identical goals. At some point one would think that coming to such a conclusion would foster a sense of national unity that would in turn foster a sense of national productivity that was not in any manner whatsoever characterized by political differences and instead benchmarked by an entirely wholesome portrait of industrial inventiveness. At some point in time one would think that the term “sore looser” would be replaced in our political dialogue with sore shoulders and/or aching backs.

At some point there must be the realization that in spite of the political differences that have served quite well together to close out our nation’s 20th century global industrial building empire and in doing so see that empire characterized as both a total tragedy as well as a comical farce, one might assume that political egos might just give way to a much more advanced level of technological thought. At some point, it would seem that possessing such thought that is clearly the foundation from which our 21st century global industrial empire must be built upon would entirely out weigh political differences and in turn meld into a much needed and much deserved celebration of the socio-economic unity we as a nation are more than capable of producing.

Unfortunately today in 2009 America, Republicans are still determined to get the last philosophical points of their version of the 20th century across to a population of Americans that don’t for any reason see the existence or argument of such points as being the least bit pertinent in America at all. As the Republican party has come to embrace nothing other than some vague definition of morality anchored to an equally vague definition of America’s need to “save the world from itself”, forward thinking Americans who have virtually no desire to save the world and are more or less focused on saving themselves through the creation of intelligent industries, clearly see this Republican insistence upon expressing their morality in much the same light as they see an ancient anchor tethered to an ancient Titanic sailing vessel that sunk long ago under the very weight of its own blind industrial ego.

When I listen to Republicans speak in lock step fashion against the ideas of a newly elected president who was elected across the board here in our nation by people from all walks of American life who simply want to move forward, I just shake my head. In doing so, I’m compelled to ask Republicans just what it is they want from American citizens before these Republicans actually acknowledge to themselves that they are also American citizens. When do Republicans see they are actually a part of the solution and in fact American citizens actually want to hear their ideas? When do Republicans actually start producing ideas?

What on earth has happened here in our America over the course of the last several decades that has so successfully served to anchor the Republican party to the total failure of industrial and economic growth here in our own homeland. What on earth compels them to continue to think that the world viewed through the eyes of bombers, bibles and oil barrels would be better off than a world viewed through the eyes of 21st century industrialists who see a much more dynamic global economic interaction through the collective American industrial consciousness whose focus is instead bio fuels?

I suppose the answer to this question can be found in part by the way we in America have come to learn the English language. Another part of this answer can also be found in the fact that in as much as we have come to learn the English language so well, we have also come to invent new words that much more accurately enable us to use the English language to our greater technological and social benefit. As we have collectively evolved that language to express our evolved technological evolution, the fact that we use words such as evolution to convey the fact that we have evolved is of course at the heart of our nation’s quandary over the social reforms that must be enacted if in fact we are to evolve into a nation that embraces the brilliance of our technologically evolved minds.

Unfortunately, using just the words evolve, evolved and evolution in the last paragraph have come to be met by our nation’s Republican party as an assault on our nation’s moral and spiritual beliefs as opposed to an expression of our nations greater 21st century industrial capacity to flourish economically. While such words were certainly not used by either the democrats or republicans that made up the demographics of previous generations, none the less, previous generations did use the words of their generation to move our nation collectively forward. Having said this, for some reason while we as Americans today have managed to move ourselves forward technologically due in large part to the fact that we have managed to use the English language for such purpose, the words we have selected conjure up fears as opposed to manifesting a collective national momentum that should enable us to confront that fear. While the fact that we have become a nation who can use the English language in terms that are far more evolved and enlightened than previous generations should be considered as positive, unfortunately it is all negative and unfortunately Republican seem determined to constantly remind us of that fact.

As a child born in the 1950’s, the word “evolution” was not used in any social manner or dialogue whatsoever. It is not that this particular word was not known but within the context of the universal knowledge expressed in everyday 1950s America, there was virtually no need to use it. Life back then was simply not that complex and any evolving we were collectively doing was defined simply as going to the local bingo hall, the local American Legion post on Friday nights for a perch fish fry and of course the local church on Sunday. Within that evolution, the only time the word evolution would come up would be in bible study. Needless to say when the word evolution did come up it was not within the context of my Catholic upbringing anything the church looked favorably upon.

The same is true of the word “consciousness”. This word not only didn’t exist in the bible, it did not exist in our English language or in any other text or place those who read the bible would most likely read or frequent. The word conscience however did exist and for decades, we collectively were trained to examine our conscience before doing anything that would even remotely suggest that we might actually be coming to the realization that we had a consciousness.

Low and behold, another word started being used in our American interpretation of the English language. The “actualization” was used to define the fact that we actually as a nation were coming to believe that we collectively possessed a “consciousness” and because we did, we were also “evolving”.

While today these words or terms are still somewhat obscure in our larger American interpretation of the English language, they are used and used by highly educated experts in the fields of alternative energy, environmental sciences and those whose professional focus have found it necessary to describe the complex inner workings of the very technologies that are being brought forth as a result of using such words. Unfortunately again however is the fact that the main reason that such words are not universally understood by more Americans is that those in political power who choose to hold that political power over undereducated Americans are republicans who are just as uneducated as those they think they are protecting and whose fear of God equals their fear of using the English language for the larger socio-economic good of America.

I realize that by making these statements, I am exposing myself to a remarkable army of American Christians who through fear of actually understanding the natural evolution of the English language are through that fear, hopelessly incapable of understanding the larger concept of hybrid automobiles, solar energy, organic gardening and the larger and much more dynamic attributes of an economy that fosters social progress as opposed to perpetuating social redundancy.

None the less, America is moving forward and as a deeply personal sign that in fact it is doing so with its Christian beliefs firmly intact, the medal of Saint Christopher worn around my fathers’ neck throughout the life and times he lived through in his World War II generation is indeed around my neck here in 2009.

With the lessons of examining ones conscience both my father and mother taught me as a child being still very much the anchor of my both my spiritual and moral foundation today and as I have instilled those same lessons in my daughters, it is quite disturbing to me that such strongly held values have been corrupted by a republican party here in our America today that essentially states that for one reason or another my use of words such as “new age” belie the Christian teachings and hopes for a “new America” my beloved father Al shared with me up until the day he died.

I find a great deal of disgrace and disrespect in the notion that in as much as my father’s generation was blessed by the leadership of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and they collectively regardless of political persuasion instilled in their own children the urgency to move beyond the horrors of world war, President Barack Obama is today met with a republican party too self-serving to realize that they are not the holders to the keys of America’s moral future any more than my father who prayed on his knees every night was the author of the Bible.

At a time represented by such exciting and dynamic change, I find it extremely difficult to rationalize the thought that leaders throughout the world looking upon the extraordinarily positive portrait our new president represents to that world’s future must bear witness to a republican party lost within its own ancient understanding of the very English language America has always quite positively represented to a world of many separate but equal faiths.

Teamed with both a father and a grandfather who served our nation’s military in precisely the same manner as myself, at the ends of the wars we fought was the consciousness of the homeland we loved that allowed us from three separate generations, both the privilege and right to come home and pick up the tools of our trades as master carpenters. Whereas my grandfather sketched out designs for furniture on pieces of scrap lumber and my father drafted blueprints on wooden drafting boards, I use computers to design and engineer environmentally sustainable homes that represent the singular fact that each generations responsibility is to evolve the dreams of the previous.

The Blue Collar Industrialist

M. Patrick Dahlke

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