Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Horizontal and Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

When Poor Quality Information Technologies
Collide with Poor Quality Regional Healthcare Networks
Environmental and Economic Poverty Reigns

I want you to think about this.

The health of your upper respiratory system is directly related to the health of the communication network that provides information to the community you live in.

If you’re experiencing breathing problems, most likely you are experiencing internet connectivity problems as well.
The same environmental disturbances affecting your health are in fact the same environmental disturbances affecting your ability to correct that health via information you may find over the internet.

As these problems are caused by barometric conditions, every time you find yourself with a downed internet connection, more than likely you find yourself with heightened upper respiratory ailments.

As these conditions affect the overall quality of life of every American, Americans living in low lying flood prone river regions are the most affected by these environmental disturbances.

As these disturbances have been in existence forever, the fact that they have been more or less concurs with the fact that people who live in low lying river regions in our nation are far less capable of thinking properly as a result.

Ottawa, Illinois is a perfect example of both how and why such regional weather conditions prevent it from moving further along with the economic dialogue the rest of the country is working to embrace. As Ottawa is nestled between two rivers located in the lower valley flatlands of central Illinois and as Ottawa is more or less a farm community, the manner in which Ottawans’ think or do not think is directly related to the barometric pressure that has been placed onto the craniums of their collective regional skulls for decades.

As these people have virtually no choice but to live within the constraints of constantly occurring weather patterns that among other things serve as atmospheric sink holes that absorb the airborne toxins floating through a vast swath of geography and settling into the Fox and Illinois River Valley Basin, the combination of toxins and barometric pressures disenables them to respond as intelligently to America’s 21st century economy as others in upper lying regions do.

While it is most certainly unfair to characterize these people as stupid, once we understand the broader environmental aspects that define an overall sluggish response to professional dialogue, it is the poor quality of air that indeed enables us to see why such responses are what they are.
Alcoholism is dominant in Ottawa and most of LaSalle county. The reason it is dominant is directly related to the fact that the consumption of alcohol serves quite clearly to offset the larger issue of inhaling residual toxic air absolutely filled with humidity. As alcohol dilutes this toxicity and enables people within this river valley to breathe easier, because this condition has existed for so long, multiple generations of alcoholics have unfortunately thrived.

As these generations have thrived and as the majority of Ottawa’s elite and non elite have become accustomed to living in this manner, the dulled learning curve present within the community parallels the dulled investment of information technologies that in other communities would thrive.

Corporations that are supposedly invested in linking America within a highly sophisticated information networks simply bypass Ottawa due to the fact that certain social assumptions have been applied to its’ cultural identity. Why visit Ottawa if all you will see there are people living in a multi-generational fog of alcohol based delirium benchmarked by extremely anti social-behavior towards themselves and strangers?

As sad as this may sound, the overall failure of our collective national focus to be aware of these environmentally enhanced regional health concerns has all but placed our national economy in the same environmental doldrums of the communities like Ottawa that have for far too many decades been associated with social behavioral disorders as opposed to environmental respiratory disorders.

As the very thing that prevents an entire electronic communication network to falter within the two rivers valley of Ottawa is upper barometric pressure that renders electrical communications from the human brain just as redundant as digital electrical communications from an orbiting satellite, the question becomes how, how do we as a nation apply advanced technologies to a given region for the singular purpose of improving the overall medical and economic health and more to the point, the overall environmental health of that region? And of course, the larger question is how do we as a nation fulfill our collective dream of establishing a truly interactive and multi-dimensional public utility grid that includes virtually every form of energy we as Americans have within our entire national geographic border, the capacity to produce, manage and proliferate economically from?

To the south and east of Ottawa are wind turbine farms. These are farms of horizontal axis wind turbines. As is the case throughout America where prevailing horizontal winds are constant, horizontal axis wind turbines capture and harness horizontal winds as they arise. As these wind turbines spin and in the process of doing so create electricity that is fed into the regional energy grid they are attached to, all of what they appear to be doing appears more or less well and good, Unfortunately, harnessing the prevailing horizontal winds of a given region does not take into consideration that there are vertical wind and updraft air currents happening as well.

Give the fact that virtually all of our nation’s low lying river valleys have over the course of the past two hundred years been filled with manmade architectural structures rising in height from either a single story to several stories, the natural interaction of both vertical and horizontal air currents that existed before these buildings were erected has, over the course of these same two hundred years, been altered significantly. While the efforts of the Environmental Protection Agency has for the past thirty some odd years been quite forceful in its’ regulatory pursuit of “national and regional air quality” and that air quality has been measured by satellites launched into and floating about our global upper level ozone, it has not unfortunately been focused on the quality of “natural air movement” and the larger implications associated with both the technological and financial investment and management of “natural air movement” located tens of thousands of feet below that ozone.

As we as a supposedly scientifically advanced society have been focused on our global ozone concerns for the past several decades, our much larger focus which should have been focusing quite literally on our toe, ankle or knee zones has all but been entirely overlooked.

If I could compare the evolution of our nation’s wind energy industry to the evolution of our nation’s auto industry, horizontal axis wind turbines are today what rear wheel drive vehicles were to America’s auto industry in the 1960s. Whereas we could all of course get along better on two wheels in the 1960s, by the 1970s, we were beginning to realize that getting along with four would be better.

Having said this and realizing that the buildings abutting the shore lines of our national rivers have been over the course of the past two hundred years slowly transferring the naturally occurring interactions of both horizontal and vertical wind currents to a higher elevations, we as a nation obsessed with the development of the space program in our upper atmosphere, have all but forgotten what was once naturally occurring at the lower elevations of our toes, ankles and knees.

In other words, while we have the technological capacity to launch satellites that enable us to see how rising gases ultimately affect our upper atmosphere, all these satellites actually do is measure earthly emissions once they do arrive into the realm of obscure ozone logic. How these emissions actually get there however is an entirely different matter, and how they affect us who live on the planet until they do get there is an altogether different matter as well.

Think about this.

What would happen if the naturally occurring and either rising or falling vertical air currents generated from flowing river waters were allowed to once again interact with the naturally prevailing horizontal wind currents that crisscrossed the land above those rivers?

Think about this.

If in fact these air currents were allowed to interact, at what elevation would such environmental interactions benefit the larger social and economic interactions in which they do indeed interact?

Think about this.

If it were determined that such interaction took place at an altitude that was directly associated with the altitude of the buildings that have over the course of the last two hundred years been built along our nation’s river fronts, would there not be an astounding economic and industrial growth paradigm associated with retrofitting these buildings with vertical axis wind turbines
that were more than capable of reducing the low lying toxins associated with upper respiratory ailments?

Think about this.

If in fact such public utility wind energy management systems were integrated into the architectural footprint of historic river communities throughout America, would not the resulting positive environmental condition lead to equally positive social and economic conditions?

Think about this.

I am in this essay, only speaking of actively harnessing naturally occurring vertical and horizontal wind energy as such harnessing would affect the singular financial and social benefits of Ottawa, Illinois.

Think about this.

As I am only speaking of harnessing wind energy within this essay, there remains the discussion of geothermal and both passive and active solar energy, hydro energy, bio-fuel energy and the resulting inter-relational dynamics of these appropriately defined soft energy sectors with the larger dynamics of both medium and hard energy and economic sectors.

Think about this.

Alcoholism currently here in 2009 is the fundamental driving force behind the counter productive economy of Ottawa, Illinois. Within the subsectors of this anti climatic (anti-climate) socio-economic model, illegal drug addiction, trafficking and attempts at eradicating these social behaviors has actually become a successful economic platform from which far too many judges, attorneys, police officers and politicians have lazily and smugly justified their collective means of earning a living in hopes that in doing so, their own children will escape the realities of living in Ottawa , Illinois altogether.

Think about this.

As a result of this hopelessly negligent behavioral dynamic, the children of judges, attorneys, police officers and politicians are being forced to confront the fact that their childhood friends who do not have the intelligence to get the education they themselves have, are forced to live a life of soliciting drugs, sex and participate in low level trafficking of common household items stolen from one family only to benefit their own family thinking that practicing such hillbilly free market trade will enable them to pay the fines their own friend’s fathers and mothers impose upon them. In as much as what I am saying above may sound absolutely bizarre, even more bizarre is the fact that we as a nation have allowed such extraordinarily racist social behaviors to become the foundation of entire rural American economies.

Think about this.

All of this is directly associated with the fact that Ottawa, Illinois just like so many other rural communities, does not have the intellectual wherewithal to attract industries that perhaps would stem the tide of multi-generational, regional economic dysfunctionalism if in fact there was a broad spectrum national public infrastructure re-investment policy put into place.

Think about this.

The air we breathe once proactively harnessed is the air we as a nation can collectively come to realize as a dynamic economic and industrial investment portfolio that among other things actually brings help in the form of real jobs to the children of America’s dying rural communities.

Think about this.

As the era of supposed federally mandated social reform benchmarked under the principles of hiring social workers to go into rural communities and psychologically heal people has proven to be a vast disaster of perverse social experimentation on the human mind, these practices have led to the overall deterioration of the human health of all people who actually live in communities such as Ottawa. If then, we as a nation are to realize any forward thinking model of 21st century industrial wealth, the sooner social workers are replaced by engineers, the sooner criminal lawyers are replaced by attorneys who specialize in advanced environmental and construction contract law, communities such as Ottawa will actually become contributing members of America’s work force and tax base once again.

Think about this.

Once such realities are made possible, the advanced technology infrastructure that is needed by the people of Ottawa to keep them connected to a real American economy and a real American healthcare network would actually make sense.

This is my 57th essay on the need we in America have to embrace what it is we have the responsibility to embrace. As what we need to embrace is economic growth associated with whole application of vast quantities of environmental management technologies, my writing is my attempt to contribute my knowledge on the subjects I write about. Having said this, I am also looking to connect with people who not only think but do.

M. Patrick Dahlke

Monday, December 14, 2009

America's Organic Carpenters




Green Home Dreams

If you actually had the freedom to fully design and build the home of your dreams, what would that home look like?

How would you live in it?

Who would live in it with you?

Who would your neighbors be?

What would the community be like in the area surrounding your home?

How would your community integrate its’ ideas into the larger region your community exists in?

Would the bed sheets you sleep in be manufactured in your town?

Would the music you listen to be written by local songwriters?

Would the sound system that carries that music throughout your home be engineered and installed by local technicians?

Would the plants that grow inside your green home and upon the interior garden green walls that keep your home organic, comprise the collective agricultural efforts of your neighbors?

Would the herbs grown to enhance your family’s diet be dried in an environment located next to another environment that stored your locally grown and vinted collection of wine?

Would those herbs and grapes come from regionally based organic farm networks?

Would those who grew these products be reliant upon your expertise as an electrician to wire the power source (needed to nurture these crops) to the larger regional utility grid consisting of a diverse collection of alternative energy systems?

Would your expertise in the installation of advanced technology communication systems enable your clients to benefit financially from the information generated from the technologies you installed on their information networks?

Do you have a solar collector attached to your home?

Do you understand the structural elements of our nation’s evolving multi-dimensional auto and light truck industry?

Do you understand the interrelationships between our nation’s transportation sector and public utility sector?
Are you an attorney specializing in residential and light commercial construction contract law?

Do you as an attorney, truly understand the larger dynamics of broad spectrum 21st century alternative energy strategic planning as that planning is associated with the regulation of small or medium sized construction corporations?

Are you a real estate broker?

Do you understand the whole market value of your community’s residential housing stock as that value is applied to 21st century building codes?

Do you understand, as that same broker, the larger dynamics of public education offered in your community grammar, junior high, high school and community college/trade school environments?

As a real estate broker, do you also have a solid understanding of the medical services offered at your community hospitals, clinics and private practitioner medical, dental and alternative healing health centers?

Are all of these medical centers interacting with local grocers, local fitness experts and organic gardening experts?

Are you a local banker?

Can you produce loans guaranteed by the involvement of the individual applying for the loan in any and all of the above aforementioned 21st century community growth endeavors?

Are you an accountant?

Can you prepare a set of tax documents that enables your next door neighbor to fully benefit from the multi-faceted local, state and federal tax codes that assure broad spectrum community growth is absolutely solvent and within the structure of that solvency, assure a healthy and continued proactive community, regionally and nationwide economic growth dialogue?

Are you a dance instructor and choreographer?

Do you need contacts with local master artisans that will help you build a studio filled with ambient lighting and acoustic excellence, resilient flooring?

Are you a knife sharpener?

Do you need an alternative powered vehicle that enables you to travel the streets of your American community to sharpen the culinary knives of your gourmet inclined, cooking neighbors? Are the handles of those knives crafted from local woodworkers who have purchased state of the art American made shop equipment?

Do carpenters play the piano?

The only reason I’m asking these questions is that people have asked them of me!

What should I tell them?

M. Patrick Dahlke

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Nobel Prize for American Housing

Dear President Obama

I don’t know how often you hear this these days but I feel compelled to remind you of the fact that the vision you characterized for America on the campaign trail remains (in the midst of chaos) quite firmly intact. Let me also add congratulations on your Peace Prize Recognition.
As the Nobel is not given out at random, as it is given out to visionaries who upon living in our random world see clear rays of sunshine through seemingly random clouds, you most certainly see the sunshine.

As far as this author is concerned, the vision you see and are attempting to facilitate, is a remarkable extension of the vision other American Nobel Laureates’ had and still do have for our random world. Jimmy Carter is one of these folks whereas Al Gore is another.

During his presidency and during the energy crisis of the 1970s, Jimmy Carter warned America and the world of the emerging consequences of “empty gas cans”. As solutions to empty gas cans were during his presidency being toyed with, once the energy crisis of the seventies subsided, most of those who were toying with the concepts of solar energy and wind energy were more or less left abandoned along with their solar collectors and wind turbines. When Vice President Al Gore came along and layered a much more succinct argument of climate change over the vapors of the sometimes full and sometimes empty economic gas cans America and the world had been pestered by since the seventies, his vision just like Jimmy Carter’s was set aside by his fellow Americans as being both arbitrary and inconsequential. With the onset of the economic boom associated with the global spread of information technologies, much like in the 70s, the 90s represented to America just another opportunity to go on with business as usual without for a moment actually heeding the visionary warnings of these two remarkably visionary American Nobel Laureates.

Now, today in 2009 having entirely ignored the warnings and messages of both Mr. Gore and Mr. Carter, we are collectively sitting here as a nation pouting (how else can one define it?) over the fact that our economy sits idle. While this pouting is taking place, you come along inspiring our nation to embrace change once again. Winning the presidency as a result of your vision and of course winning the Nobel Prize for precisely the same reason as both Carter and Gore and while in theory everyone in America should be ecstatic over the fact that you have appeared to lead our nation, the fact that we did not wholly embrace the development of alternative technologies in the 1970s has left our nation and your leadership just as your two laureate predecessors’ in the unfortunate state of “perpetual pregnant pause” once again.

Just as in the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day”, you Mr. President, much like Al Gore and Jimmy Carter remain visionary leaders of a nation locked wholeheartedly in redundant non-accomplishment. Unlike President Carter and Vice President Gore whose words in many ways went unheeded but whose ideas were never the less implanted in the minds of all Americans, those that overwhelmingly voted for you in 2008 are expecting something other than words from you the third generational recipient of the same repetitive alternative energy Nobel Prize. As Americans today want action not words on the subject of alternative energy and 21st century industrial economic development, the immediate creation of AMERICAN JOBS is at the core of our collective national wants.

Listening to your acceptance speech in Norway this morning, all I heard was the need for us to work together in a world filled with military conflict to once again come together to resolve that conflict. While of course this is a grand gesture, never once did you speak to the root cause of conflict. As the root cause of any social conflict is in this authors’ mind stemming from boredom, boredom comes from the fact that idle hands produce angry and idle minds. If a man or a woman has nothing whatsoever to do with him or herself other than talk about the need for change, aren’t they ultimately susceptible to armies that give them the tools of war as opposed to armies that give them the tools of peace?

As the tools of peace in our America today are the same as they have always been and these tools are industrial in nature, hands filled with solar collectors and wind turbines, hands filled with wrenches tweaking alternative energy powered vehicles, hands filled with organic produce grown in state of the art greenhouses, hands that have the potential to be busily rebuilding our nations’ infrastructure sit idle while their minds are filled with the psycho-babble of those who wander the world giving out dime store Nobel Prizes to overly educated environmental stewards.

Where are the jobs Mr. President?

Where is the broad spectrum national public education curriculum that will produce these jobs? Where is the anchor of a truly proactive national dialogue?

As it is absolutely disgusting that since you were elected, not a single Republican has participated in any form of constructive dialogue, my sense is that your ideas are not rooted in a very solid sense of common momentum. As they are not and as your democratic supporters remain locked into a rather obscure mindset of “global warming”, I fear that until all of you can get your act together and start producing legislation that creates jobs, the globe we all actually live on will die of industrial boredom, long before it succumbs to overheating.

As there are but just a few areas that need to be addressed in order to get things going, public utility restructuring and home building are at the core of our potential 21st century industrial growth. While I am fully aware of the work being done to restructure our national public utility grid, thus far the focus remains on the creation of new generation regional utility grids designed to connect all sources of energy production together. The belief here is that once we produce these grids, jobs will follow. The problem with this logic is of course that before we can finance the growth of these grids, people have to have jobs that will feed income into the funding structure needed to produce these grids to begin with. As no jobs are forthcoming and no new public utility grids are being massed produced, the housing sector that needs to be seriously upgraded in order to receive the alternative energy supplied power to run these homes, sits in an overinflated and underfinanced state of false financial value.

In other words, our American homes are worthless because our public utility infrastructure is worthless as our combined investment in all forms of energy are worthless because nobody has any jobs in the fields that ultimately make the whole thing work in the first place. This is kind of like living on a gold standard when virtually no one in the world is walking around wearing gold jewelry.

I am a master carpenter. I have been attempting to build sustainable residential architecture since the beginning of the energy crisis of the 1970s. In all of this time, one thing and one thing alone has consistently prevented me and many of my associates from realizing our collective dream. That one thing is an overwhelming lack of education as to the availability of energy management technologies and building products. As the single most determining factor in that lack of education is the failure to define a unifying national building code, whatever success I achieved when starting my business in Colorado, was entirely lost when I moved to Illinois. Viewed as a forward thinking architectural designer and builder that applied state of the art energy management principles to the homes and businesses out west, moving to the Midwest was met with confrontational dialogues with building code officials who basically stated that not only was I unprofessional, but anti-union and of course, un-American.

Forty years later, the building codes established in America’s west are now being adopted in the Midwest. The problem however, remains that adoption of such codes comes at the whims of municipalities governed by uneducated code officials whose personal ego is attached to the larger ego of the town. If the town is forward thinking, most likely the building official is as well just as the industries that make up that towns’ economic base reflect the collective forward thinking architectural knowledge of its’ inhabitants. If on the other hand the town is not, the economic growth that could come from acquiring such knowledge is not as well.

My point here is quite simple, focusing on the development of regional alternative energy grids cannot and will not be realized if the building trades that make up the hundreds of small communities that are supplied by that grid are stupid. As the promise of millions of new jobs in alternative energy fields is indeed a wonderful pipe dream, unless the pipes that come from individual houses are meeting the pipes coming from regional utility grids, who in the hell is ever going to benefit?

As the great failure of thinking within in the Republican Party in Washington is that the federal government should not be meddling in the affairs of free market growth of new industries, the great failure of the Democratic party is thinking that somehow the government should finance this growth. Within such narrowly defined parameters however, we remain a nation of zero growth and wholly unattached national industrial momentum. I think that once Washington gets a firm grip on its’ collective and historic role as national industrial policy making, not only will Americans once again be wearing gold jewelry, they will again have jobs created not by Nobel Laureates but by local building inspectors.

If every community in America had a highly trained residential and commercial building sector, would not those same communities have thriving 21st century industrial sectors?

M. Patrick Dahlke

Saturday, December 5, 2009

November 2009 Jobless Claims

It is extraordinarily dangerous to conclude that the November 2009 jobless claims are an indication that our nation is in any manner whatsoever poised for a recovery. As these jobless claims statistically may be down, Washington's obsessive reliance on technical economic data only belies the fact that the promise of high paying jobs in advanced fields of alternative energy industrial design, manufacturing and construction have not in any manner whatsoever materialized. In as much as President Obama is filled with idealistic hopes and visions, he is hopelessly wedded to statistical assumptions of his own naive dreams. As the carpenters of America remain out of work, whatever assumptions this man and his advisers conclude as being positive are ultimately disengaging as they are not in any manner whatsoever rooted in common economic sense.

As all of us who sincerely believe in our president and all of us who find him an abstract dreamer can conclude that his wonderful vision is indeed wonderful, it is quite apparent still that our president has not quite yet arrived at the point of realizing that his White House honeymoon is over.

Mark my words. Once the Christmas season of 2009 has passed, once the staff of the White House has put away the many wonderful ornaments that adorn our nation's collective tree of seasonal and spiritual renewal, the spirit of unfulfilled economic momentum will indeed place us as a nation with a very much renewed and immediate sense of economic urgency. As all of us as Americans clearly deserve a festive breather from the crisis that has befallen us and as President Obama has upon his shoulders, the collective burden of every American dreamer on this wonderful holiday, I pray that by the end of January 2010, every home in America will be equipped with a solar array, an alternative energy vehicle and bedrooms filled with children educated in schools that prepare both them and their parents for living in a nation of advanced thinking 21st century environmental master artisans.

Economic data is not human data. As human data has at its' core compassion and inventiveness, economic data has at it's core purely false assumptions.

M. Patrick Dahlke