Monday, December 14, 2009

America's Organic Carpenters




Green Home Dreams

If you actually had the freedom to fully design and build the home of your dreams, what would that home look like?

How would you live in it?

Who would live in it with you?

Who would your neighbors be?

What would the community be like in the area surrounding your home?

How would your community integrate its’ ideas into the larger region your community exists in?

Would the bed sheets you sleep in be manufactured in your town?

Would the music you listen to be written by local songwriters?

Would the sound system that carries that music throughout your home be engineered and installed by local technicians?

Would the plants that grow inside your green home and upon the interior garden green walls that keep your home organic, comprise the collective agricultural efforts of your neighbors?

Would the herbs grown to enhance your family’s diet be dried in an environment located next to another environment that stored your locally grown and vinted collection of wine?

Would those herbs and grapes come from regionally based organic farm networks?

Would those who grew these products be reliant upon your expertise as an electrician to wire the power source (needed to nurture these crops) to the larger regional utility grid consisting of a diverse collection of alternative energy systems?

Would your expertise in the installation of advanced technology communication systems enable your clients to benefit financially from the information generated from the technologies you installed on their information networks?

Do you have a solar collector attached to your home?

Do you understand the structural elements of our nation’s evolving multi-dimensional auto and light truck industry?

Do you understand the interrelationships between our nation’s transportation sector and public utility sector?
Are you an attorney specializing in residential and light commercial construction contract law?

Do you as an attorney, truly understand the larger dynamics of broad spectrum 21st century alternative energy strategic planning as that planning is associated with the regulation of small or medium sized construction corporations?

Are you a real estate broker?

Do you understand the whole market value of your community’s residential housing stock as that value is applied to 21st century building codes?

Do you understand, as that same broker, the larger dynamics of public education offered in your community grammar, junior high, high school and community college/trade school environments?

As a real estate broker, do you also have a solid understanding of the medical services offered at your community hospitals, clinics and private practitioner medical, dental and alternative healing health centers?

Are all of these medical centers interacting with local grocers, local fitness experts and organic gardening experts?

Are you a local banker?

Can you produce loans guaranteed by the involvement of the individual applying for the loan in any and all of the above aforementioned 21st century community growth endeavors?

Are you an accountant?

Can you prepare a set of tax documents that enables your next door neighbor to fully benefit from the multi-faceted local, state and federal tax codes that assure broad spectrum community growth is absolutely solvent and within the structure of that solvency, assure a healthy and continued proactive community, regionally and nationwide economic growth dialogue?

Are you a dance instructor and choreographer?

Do you need contacts with local master artisans that will help you build a studio filled with ambient lighting and acoustic excellence, resilient flooring?

Are you a knife sharpener?

Do you need an alternative powered vehicle that enables you to travel the streets of your American community to sharpen the culinary knives of your gourmet inclined, cooking neighbors? Are the handles of those knives crafted from local woodworkers who have purchased state of the art American made shop equipment?

Do carpenters play the piano?

The only reason I’m asking these questions is that people have asked them of me!

What should I tell them?

M. Patrick Dahlke

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