Saturday, December 5, 2009

November 2009 Jobless Claims

It is extraordinarily dangerous to conclude that the November 2009 jobless claims are an indication that our nation is in any manner whatsoever poised for a recovery. As these jobless claims statistically may be down, Washington's obsessive reliance on technical economic data only belies the fact that the promise of high paying jobs in advanced fields of alternative energy industrial design, manufacturing and construction have not in any manner whatsoever materialized. In as much as President Obama is filled with idealistic hopes and visions, he is hopelessly wedded to statistical assumptions of his own naive dreams. As the carpenters of America remain out of work, whatever assumptions this man and his advisers conclude as being positive are ultimately disengaging as they are not in any manner whatsoever rooted in common economic sense.

As all of us who sincerely believe in our president and all of us who find him an abstract dreamer can conclude that his wonderful vision is indeed wonderful, it is quite apparent still that our president has not quite yet arrived at the point of realizing that his White House honeymoon is over.

Mark my words. Once the Christmas season of 2009 has passed, once the staff of the White House has put away the many wonderful ornaments that adorn our nation's collective tree of seasonal and spiritual renewal, the spirit of unfulfilled economic momentum will indeed place us as a nation with a very much renewed and immediate sense of economic urgency. As all of us as Americans clearly deserve a festive breather from the crisis that has befallen us and as President Obama has upon his shoulders, the collective burden of every American dreamer on this wonderful holiday, I pray that by the end of January 2010, every home in America will be equipped with a solar array, an alternative energy vehicle and bedrooms filled with children educated in schools that prepare both them and their parents for living in a nation of advanced thinking 21st century environmental master artisans.

Economic data is not human data. As human data has at its' core compassion and inventiveness, economic data has at it's core purely false assumptions.

M. Patrick Dahlke

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