Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Dimunitive Global Environmental and Economic Based Geopolitical Industrial Unconsciosness.

If we are, as a nation able to ascertain from our "unilateral" (as opposed to bilateral or multi-lateral  discussions) with fellow nations that "global warming" is indeed the benchmark from which all nations must clearly adhere to a carbon based  monetary standard from which all nations supposedly benefit, understanding the specific nuances one nation has to protect and prosper from its inherent right to control the natural resources that come from an individual nation's own soil is paramount to that nation's future globally based economic prosperity.

Given the patent absurdity of the current Ukrainian conflict and given the fact that the Obama Administration has increasingly pushed positively upon many foreign nations its own seemingly singular global carbon economic model and knowing in fact that this Ukrainian conflict is based upon access on the part of Russia to crucial ports of natural gas exportation, Barack Obama is increasingly being faced with the fact that while he cannot produce advanced mixed energy use industrial jobs here in our America any more than his predecessor George Bush, he cannot as well intimidate the leaders of foreign nations to abide by his clearly positive but also negative and therefore insular narrative of geopolitical mixed energy development and prosperity either.

As each nation in our world of nation's is today clearly attempting to address a rather simple essay of individual industrial and economic nationalistic based economic development, restrictions coming from President Obama both domestically here in our America and abroad to foreign nations serves no other purpose than to reduce significantly the overall capacity of both The United States Of America and its many allied foreign nations to adopt energy policies that create jobs, and, in doing so create global economic unity.

Having said this, and, knowing quite clearly that Vladimer Putin has observed both George Bush and Barack Obama wrestle for the past twelve years with heavy hitting energy based global industrial diplomacy, the framework for such diplomacy is clearly anchored in our capacity as Americans to frame and execute our own domestic energy development policy prior to our ability to either attempt to execute or demand other nations do the same in a negatively unenforceable geopolitical framework.

Whereas the Crimean Peninsula has substantial port authority from which exportation of oil and natural gas exportation has the potential to elicit strong internal based profit from such fossil fuel based energy exportation for Russia, the United States of America has precisely the same within its' Southern Texas and Southern Louisiana based oil and natural gas exportation port authority.

Knowing all of this, the question becomes not the imposition of sanctions that cannot in any manner be logically or feasibly enforced globally, but the larger reality of establishing domestic American internal, mixed energy use for the clearly stated purpose of the continuous growing of global American manufacturing entities that produce the technologies of mixed energy development worldwide only after such manufacturing entities are produced first here in our United States of America "for us first".

Wake Up America.

Does Vladimer Putin know how to build a North Central Illinois Organic Grain Bin?

Mike Patrick Dahlke

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