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Illinois $105 billion Unfunded Public Employee Pension Liability.

Peeling Apart Illinois's Tax Code
While Building Sustainable Labor Concepts.

One of the issues facing The State of Illinois is the fact that The State of Illinois hasn't faced the issues for so long it really doesn't know what exactly the issues are.

Having said this it goes without saying that the vast majority of the people in the State of Illinois feel as if they are entitled to everything they are entitled to even though no one really knows just exactly what on earth entitlements actually are. Adding to this; the reason people are exiting Illinois as fast as they are is directly related to why nobody is coming into the state either; who wants to put up with an entire population of completely leaderless Illinoisans who in their collective anger have become self absorbed dimwits that are altogether blind to change.

With one state after another across America embracing change and within that embrace these states are re-blueprinting virtually every government function, Illinois is once again locked in to a game of psychological warfare pitting one ancient game of political manipulation against another game of political guilt. Somewhere along the way of living what is supposedly the American Dream, Illinoisans have concluded that dream as being keeping in control of a past that in turn controls the outcome of that dream's future potential all from within a decidedly narrow point of view. As long as the state can continue to enact laws designed for no other purpose than to stifle creative thought as that thought is applied for the mutual benefit of the masses, those that rule the state can view themselves as making sacrifices that assure the rule of guilt continuously overwhelms the greater law of natural inventiveness. Whereas this methodology satisfies the dysfunctional religious cravings of a state more or less ruled by guilt, it most certainly does not satisfy the financial cravings of those who continue to down grade Illinois credit rating.

As the question ultimately is how to get the Illinois economy moving, the larger answer is to pick apart the systems of Illinois Government that are operating solely from within a self survival mode to enable them to become much more publicly and therefore industrially and economically diversified.

Think about this for a minute.

Currently Illinois is dealing with a pension funding crisis to the tune of $105 billion dollars that is, for all practical purposes, virtually incapable of being resolved. Whereas the Illinois Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments from the state via Solicitor General Carolyn Shapiro who is more or less stating that the government of Illinois' inherent police powers to act in an emergency trump the state constitution's pension guarantees; and, from former Illinois Apelate Judge Gino DiVito who is representing public workers and retirees; and who states “This is a case about a constitutional provision – one that is explicit, clear and unambiguous and is subject to no stated exception.”, the larger point not being discussed at all here is not that there is an emergency that has been created by years of operating from within a regulatory system that was formed to address the overall needs the government was supposed to be able to fulfill during the 20th century Illinois industrial era, but in fact, how that system needs to be transformed to accommodate the needs of the people, the government and the industries that provide the revenue and technology needed to build our state's 21st century industrial era.

Thus instead of continuously stressing out the clearly fragile economic infrastructure of Illinois by arguing over and over again who or what entity from the past is going to have to take responsibility for funding the future that virtually no one has blueprinted, the revenues needed to indeed fund that future are right in front of everyone if indeed they take the time to look.

In other words, the $105 billion unfunded public employee pension liability can be looked upon as a liability and therefore creating an urgent need to enact police powers to circumvent a statewide economic emergency or it can be looked upon as an investment tool designed to thoroughly modernize every police department in the State of Illinois.

If instead that $105 billion were looked upon as an investment fund and indeed every police department in the state was afforded the luxury of acquiring every piece of technology needed to assure a truly conscious and sound socioeconomic presence within every town in the State of Illinois, most likely every school would have the same presence whereas so would every public park and library as would every industry associated with all of the above. As the irony of Illinois's problems are in fact that leadership is operating from within a dysfunctional and entirely obsolete industrial model, the fluidity of thought needed to move beyond that model is staring everyone in the state directly in the eye.

Take a comprehensive look at municipal building codes throughout the state. No matter where one goes within the State of Illinois municipal building codes represent at best an overall lack of statewide uniformity. Yet as this is clearly the case and Rahm Emanuel in Chicago is now threatening both homeowners and the state government that unless the City of Chicago gets the funding it needs and that is completely non existent that he will be forced to raise property taxes on the millions of people who live in obsolete residential dwellings in order to pay the municipal employees what they need to administer these building codes.

As Aaron Maduff who is also representing public workers and retirees in this current round of discussion in the Illinois Supreme Court brings the analogy - “i killed my parents, Have mercy on me. I'm an orphan.”, the question becomes who is the orphan? Is it Aaron Maduff himself, or is it the principle he is insidiously trying to argue for?. Either way neither the state nor the public employee unions working for the state are capable from within this hopelessly narrow viewpoint of exacting the revenues needed to assure anyone's viable social or economic not to mention educational future in the State of Illinois.

Think about all of the fire departments in the State of Illinois. While doing so think, about the equipment and the personnel needed by each of these departments to put out the fires that come about from so many of Illinois's property owners living in dangerously obsolete residential structures. Think about the municipal water supplies and the state of disrepair the overall water infrastructure is in within the State of Illinois. And, here we are trying to guarantee both the past and present as well as future pensions of firefighters and public works employees in the State of Illinois?

Where are all of the companies that manufacture all of the state of the art technologies that should be going into retrofitting our homes, our fire and police departments, our municipal utilities?

They're in Nebraska, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and so on along with all of the people who have moved out of the State of Illinois in search of better services, lower taxes and jobs in the very same industries who don't even bother to think of the State of Illinois due in large part to the manipulative and dysfunctional state of mind of the State of Illinois. As again the State of Illinois chooses to operate from a perpetual state of political manipulation and political guilt, perhaps the credit rating agency's constant downgrading of this states credit rating might just be on to something.

Having been born into this state and having been born as well to be an architectural designer and master carpenter, the one thing that has always perplexed me is the notion that when I speak of building affordable, energy efficient, green architectural residential dwellings that are fully integrated into the social and environmental fabric of a community anywhere in the country other than the State of Illinois, I am usually met with discussions about such issues with like minded points of view.

In the State of Illinois however, I am met with only one comment – How Much Is It Going To Cost Me?

But, as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is quick to point out, if he doesn't get what he wants from the State of Illinois, he'll be forced to raise the property taxes of every property owner in the city so that his municipal workers will continue to get the pensions they really don't deserve at all.

As perhaps the oddest point about pensions is the fact that they are granted because of the work the pensioner is supposed to do, one has to wonder what the definition of non performance in the State of Illinois actually is.

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