Monday, June 1, 2015

There Is Hillary.

This is my rendition of the H Logo.

Why it is the H Logo is anyone's guess.

Why the logo is blue and red is again, anyone's guess.

Why the H Logo has a Red arrow going through it is again, anyone's guess.

Why the Red arrow is pointing to the right as opposed to pointing to the left, is still, anyone's guess.

Why the vertical elements of the H Logo are Blue is anyone's guess.

Why the horizontal elements of the H Logo are Red is as well, anyone's guess.

As I'm sure that this logo means something to someone, I can only guess that the answers to all of the above observations have answers as well.

The problem I have with this H Logo is that unless there is some highly secretive society behind the development of this entire logo, and, the message contained in this logo is somehow a matter of supreme importance, just what on earth is the message, and, what possible bearing does it have on either the future of America or the future of Hillary Clinton?

Because of my architectural and engineering background, I tend to look at things like geometric shapes and try to analyze the structure of the shape to look for possible architectural flaws, or, a certain symmetry to what it is I am looking at. As the ability to find symmetry in a geometric shape designed by another can tell the viewer very much about the true purpose and whole function of the shape used, it can as well, tell the viewer an awful lot about the personality of the person who created the shape not to mention unveil the personality of the person the shape was created for.

When a shape is in harmony with itself, generally speaking, those that view the shape will feel that sense of harmony coming from that shape. When the shape has a sense of order to itself, again, that sense of order will be reflected in the response others have to the shape they are viewing.

All in all, an appealing shape is an appealing shape due in large part to the fact that it strikes some kind of harmonic resonance with the viewer. And, as it does, the viewer will often go through a sense of wanting to possess that shape, or, be a part of that shape, or, a sense that the viewer wants that shape to become a part of ones life. Either way, a good shape is simply a good shape.

A bad shape on the other hand, has to its personality, an entirely different set of energies emanating from it.

One of those energies might be a lack of artistic rhythm. Something just tells the viewer that although they might love to dance with an object, more than likely that object either has itself, or, was created by someone with two left feet and is therefore, virtually impossible to dance with.

A bad shape might have had a poor choice of colors attached to it or of not a poor choice of colors, a poor placement of those colors.

Either way, something just tells the viewer to step back from the shape a little bit in hopes that in doing so, distance will put those colors into perspective. Unfortunately, when it comes to color or the placement of color, stepping back at times might compel a person to step all the way back to San Francisco in order to properly view a geometric shape on display in New York.

Along with artistic rhythm and color, there is yet another tell tale sign of a bad shape. This sign is in fact the geometry of the shape itself, does the shape essentially move along with its artistic, as well as color rhythm, and, do so in a manner that conveys to the shape that it indeed would love to be able to dance with itself.

Having said all of the above, one might wonder what point I am attempting to make about this H Logo.

Well, in order to make this point, I have taken it upon myself to put the H Logo through a series of repetitive engineering, rhythm and color tests in hopes of again, trying to decipher the meaning of this logo and its many parts, while at the same time, trying to get a sense of what on earth this logo actually means to the person it was designed for.

At any rate, below you will begin to see how the test was executed as well as begin to read my own conclusions as to the results of this test as well as what it is that I think these results actually imply.

There is Hillary again.

Again, from the perspective of someone with both an architectural and engineering background as well as someone who is a fairly good dancer, in the above graphic, I simply copied the shape of the H Logo, reversed that copy, and placed it next to the original H Logo found at the beginning of this essay.

I did this so that I would be able to see if by simply copying the logo and reversing it, then placing it alongside the original logo, a certain amount of rhythmical harmony would emerge.

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but, from what I see here, it appears as if the two Red arrows are pointing directly at one another which to me would indicate a possible conflict between the two arrows.

Was this intentional? Was this an oversight? If there is a conflict, what might that conflict be about? If there is not a conflict then what is it that the two arrows are supposed to be pointing to?

There again is Hillary.

Once again, I copied the original H Logo, and, in doing so began to discover that the placement of the third copy of this H Logo in between the previous two only led to more questions. As this did however, the primary question of why all of these arrows were pointing to something continued to elude me. What were or what are these now three arrows pointing at or to? Another question I had was why it appeared as if the Blue Parts in this logo were becoming more and more fragmented.

Compelled enough to want to continue, I did.

Still more Hillary.

Now we have four H Logos combined.

As you can see, the original geometric shape of the logo still has some symmetry associated with it, but again, what on earth do these combined shapes actually mean? What are they supposed to be conveying now that there are four of them combined as opposed to just three, or two, or, even one? Do these four combined logos instill in the viewer a sense of rhythm? Do they instill a sense of confidence? I mean, this logo is for a national presidential campaign, is it not?

What on earth could be the purpose here?

Is the logo designed to exude a sense of confidence in the direction Hillary Clinton is hoping to take the country in? Is the logo something that someone might be compelled to put on the back bumper of one's car? Whose gonna be putting this campaign logo on a sign and place it on their front lawn?

What happens if a whole bunch of people put the same sign on their front lawn? What happens if each of the people who do this, place the sign the wrong way on their front lawn?

What would happen if someone were to drive by and see a rambling pile of signs pointing every which way? Would that person stop the car and be mystified or entranced? Would that person be hopelessly confused? Would that person drive off in a flurry and immediately go register as a Republican? Would that person just give up entirely and not vote at all?

Perhaps, some of these questions can be be better answered if we add a few more H Logos to the front lawn art gallery.

Here once again, is more Hillary.

Four more H Logos have been added to the mix. Yes, there is a certain amount of symmetry remaining. But, if you look carefully, the geometry of the newly formed shapes don't lend themselves to much clarity still.

What on earth is the message here? What direction is Hillary hoping to lead the country in? Is this logo a symbol for re industrializing the nation?

Is this logo a symbol of establishing a comprehensive mixed energy policy? Is the logo a symbol for job creation or community education reform associated with a sound mixed energy policy?

Is the H Logo a symbol of mass confusion?

Read on and tell me what you think.

There again is Hillary.

Here is yet another four H Logos added to the mix.

It is important to note here that as I have been adding additional logos to the original, I have also been turning these logos by degrees. In other words, the first logo I added, I turned 180 degrees. The third was turned 90 degrees, the fourth 90 degrees, the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth 45 degrees, the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth, 22.5 degrees respectively.

The reason for doing this is again, to test the engineering validity of the original design, which in this case is the H Logo.

As one of the key elements of a good design is that design's ability to logically, or, rhythmically or mathematically repeat itself, a sure sign of a flawed design is that it simply cannot. Thus without having to look very carefully at all, it is easy to see that the logo created for Hillary Clinton, the H Logo was no doubt created by someone as knowledgeable of engineering as this woman is about strategic matters that clearly need to be addressed by an actual mechanically minded next president.

Taking a good look at the above graphic it is easy to notice that not only does the symmetry of the original design become entirely lost in a rather simple and common repetitive mathematical exercise, but it does so to the point where those who are actually viewing the graphic must seriously question their own mental heath to rationalize the overwhelming depth of uncertainty associated with this H Logo.

Maybe the next four logos will change things?

There again is Hillary.

Nope. Once again its the same insane logo that having no rhyme nor reason whatsoever, is the logo chosen by Hillary Clinton to represent her views and perceptions of our United States of America in 2016.

The question is, where is everybody else?

Go Fish.

The graphic above is called A Campaign Button.

Yes, It Is Round

and, It Has A Point.


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